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Surat-Sabd Yoga and Sri Sri Thakur Anukul ChandraSurat-Sabd Yoga and Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra

Surat-Sabd Yoga is a spiritual practice that involves focusing one’s attention on the inner sound or vibration that exists within everyone. This practice is believed to have originated in India, and it has been practiced by various spiritual traditions throughout history. One of the most prominent proponents of Surat-Sabd Yoga was Sri Sri Thakur Anukul […]

Need For Cotton Shawl During Meditation & Buying Meditation Shawl.Need For Cotton Shawl During Meditation & Buying Meditation Shawl.

Whenever we talk about spiritual life, we think about meditation. Meditation is an important part of spiritual life. Generally, we hear that meditation means sitting calmly or repeating mantras mentally. But when we want to meditate we need to know much fundamental preparation for meditation by our spiritual Gurus. In different meditational practices, we find, […]

Significance of the Asana for doing Japa or Sadhana or Meditation.Significance of the Asana for doing Japa or Sadhana or Meditation.

 Jayguru Whenever we think about Guru, it automatically reminds us about Guru Matra. The essence of spirituality in Indian culture is to practice the Guru Mantra or do Japa or Sadhana or meditation in the proper process as prescribed by Guru. So Japa of Guru mantra is the fundamental process for a disciple. For Japa, […]

Cult of Purusottam and its epitomeCult of Purusottam and its epitome

In Upanishadic thought, our realized sages used the word ‘HAMSA’ which represents the luminous god. Shree Shree Thakur pictured one emblem. this emblem is the epitomic declaration of aspirants who strive to attain eternal bliss. this world is pictured as the ocean of desire and waves of passion in curling conditions. Jivatma is the representation […]


Sat-dikhya is the process of spiritual rebirth. This continuation footprints of penance are begetting expansion of self within. This spiritual birth in the terminology of dikhya is called the rebirth of heart and brain. In English, it is known as initiation. The word initiation derived from the Latin word ‘inertia’ means to start with. To […]

The Promising FootprintsThe Promising Footprints

Shree Shree Thakur; Yugapurusottam with his subtle intellect made the clarion call and spiritual realization of divinity. Generally, Jeeva. the man in veering round amidst his creative passionate act. the mundane impure enjoyments. It covered his inner indweller i.e. atma with fiscal passionate attractions. These yield sorrow as the result and then with desire to […]

Surat Shabd Yoga SadhanaSurat Shabd Yoga Sadhana

Sree Sree Thakur adopts for the present age, the simplest process of self-purification of existence. By the help of ‘Satmantra‘, the ‘Holy Name’. Because it comes under the simple system of mantra yoga-called Surat Shabd Sadhana. By this system and its adoption makes the aspirant meet the secrete knowledge of self-enlightenment. It, being the simplest […]