Eugenic And Marriage

eugenics and marriage

The importance of both education and environment is realized in each & every step of human life. The birth plays a paramount role and bears the most intrinsic significance in the present scenario. It is enunciated, “life is born first and then be educated.” The function of education as S.S. Thakur believes is to unfold the characteristic faculties that are latent in man through his adjusted habit, behavior, and conduct. The function of education and environment in developing a child may be compared with the function of soil and atmosphere in developing seed. Without proper soil and a good atmosphere even a good seed fail to yield the desired fruits. Similarly, without proper education and a congenial environment, a human being cannot bloom to his full potential. It is said, “Birth is a more important determinant than the environment.” Eugenic And Marriage

bi The truth underlying the process of the creation of an individual being is that it is the male entity that is begotten into a progeny through the inducement of the female entity. It is said,” it is the wife that begets; and it is the husband that is begotten according to her ‘bravo’. As is the love tension for her husband, so is the life of her child is endowed with.

Morality has been invoked at different periods of history to justify one’s sexual prejudices and emotional needs. Despite current talk of chastity and morality, there is an equally unpleasant atmosphere today. The rules of courtship and marriage are in disarray, which makes behavior towards potential marriage partners full of confusion. Cruelty is one of the most sinister aspects of sex in the present world in its increasing association with violence, horrific rapes, and assault on women How does one eradicate them? Mankind anxiously asks if there is a way out of the gloom and horror of today into light and life. Our benign Lord Sri Sri Thakur comes to our rescue when He remarks. “There are two main clues to the progress and the unity of masses-one is the Idea! and the other is superior marriage relationships.” Eugenic And Marriage

Prophets of all ages have attached importance to both body and soul of man Accordingly, bread for the body and virtue for the soul is regarded as the indispensable requisites of human welfare here and hereafter. Jesus Christ spoke much of feeding the hungry, healing die sick, and convening the sinners. Gautam Buddha laid stress on morality and meditation. On the other hand, St Ambrose deprecated science and scientific truth. And so did St, Basil, and Thomas Carlyle. The cynics of Greece despised education and intellectual pursuits and declared that virtue was the only God. We should not, however, allow ourselves to be enslaved by such unsound theories of life since none has either ventured to suggest how a man might improve himself or proposed what to do to produce a healthy do progeny so that there might be true men expand women capable of effective “being and becoming.” Eugenic And Marriage

A look at changing attitudes towards love, sex, and marriage presents a dismal no picture today and shows a considerable difference from what Sri Sri Thakur has preached. Minor fissures that were not found in marriages of the older generation have appeared and developed into big en cracks. There is a rapid moving away from older notions of remaining married for the sake of children, for the sake of ‘habit. Habits are acquired and discarded much faster today. In fact, they are scarcely allowed to gum into habits. It is difficult to find a single marriage today that is working. All old ideas are discarded as archaic, and this has resulted in a state of great flux-of values and ethics In a capitalist society, freedom boils down to a universal obligation to enjoy and be enjoyed. We are profoundly influenced today by the West where love and marriage are very much confused with passion and sex. The winking of women, which may be due to choice or economic necessity. Has created a silent and widespread change of outlook in marriage partners. Women today have jobs they have been denied earlier, positions of responsibility they have not had, and are now economically independent. But, if women today have opportunities they have not had before, they are also subject to degradation they had not faced before. Commercialized culture has entered the family life, leading to violence against women, divorces, and dowry-deaths which are nothing but expressions of a tremendous amount of rage. Notions of love and expectations are of marriage have changed. Eugenic And Marriage

Sex must be deliberately regulated, not only with regard to its frequency but also our direction. One must aim at its sublimation and also give it steadiness of direction. Unsteadiness leads to divorces and secret intrigues which poison and embitter social life.

Sex can be sublimated and steadied by the sweet emotion of love. Love is quite different from passion. Passion is chiefly physical and sexual in its origin and content It often ends in disgust and indifference. Love, on the other hand, arises in the soul at first and is then expressed in the body. It is a gentle emotion that is under the control of reason and conscience and enriches, beautifies, and develops life. Therefore, what is required today is true sexual balance, generosity of feeling with the responsibility of conduct enlivened by a touch of love, since a heart with true love never gets wrinkles. Eugenic And Marriage

Eugenics in a scientific, literal sense means a program of selective reproduction or prohibition of reproduction by individuals with specific genetic constitutions, At the present time, the practice of eugenics has mostly taken the form of genetic counseling. As more inherited conditions are discovered, the importance of genetic counseling has become manifest and its practice is growing. Reproduction is the production of its own kind and confirms the maxim “Like begets like”. To reproduce, however, at least two compatible nuclei are needed with the sole aim of a more effective reassortment of genetic materials. This coming together of two physiologically different nuclei to form a zygote which gives rise to an embryo and eventually to the entire new organism, an event that involves love, sex, and marriage. Eugenic And Marriage

According to Lots, the essence of sex does not lie in the organs but in the gametic union. The union between potentially different gametes is the result of a sexual congress which generally takes place in marriage or wedlock.

Very little is now being done to impose restrictions on marriage and human reproduction. As recently as the late 1960s a few laws were in existence that prescribed as to who could and could not marry and/ or reproduce. In Denmark, a law allowed the sterilization of an individual whose I.Q. was 75 or below. Another law allowed sterilization on grounds of a “danger of hereditary affliction of progeny”.A woman could be sterilized following a therapeutic abortion ‘provided the indication for this abortion i- genetic and attributable to the mother.” Eugenic And Marriage

As our society has changed and our moods and attitudes have shifted, the control of marriage and reproduction by law has elicited heated debate, and the issue of debate has been that of eugenics. In a society increasingly entangled in webs of litigation, lawsuits have been filed on behalf of parents of genetically defective children against physicians for insufficient genetic counseling and attempt have been made to take legal action on behalf of new-born defective infants against parents. No court has yet allowed a claim by a defective child against its parents but damages against physicians for insufficient counseling of parents resulting in wrongful life has been allowed in courts.

Swami Vivekananda wrote to Harriet: “Marriage is the truest goal for 99 percent of the human race, and they will live the happiest life as soon as they have learned and are ready to abide by the eternal lesson that we are bound to bear and forbear and that, to everyone, life must be a compromise. May you enjoy the undivided love of your husband, helping him in attaining all that is desirable in this life, and when you have seen your children’s children and the drama of life is nearing its end, may you help each other in reaching that infinite ocean of Existence. Knowledge and Bliss, at the touch of whose waters all distinctions melt away and we all become One.”

There are two sorts of persons in the world-the one strong-nerved, quiet, yielding to nature, not given too much imagination, yet good, kind, and sweet. For such is this world they alone are born to be happy. There are others again with high- strung nerves, tremendously imaginative with intense feeling always going high, and coming down the next moment. For them, there is no happiness. The first class of persons will have almost an even tenor or ave to run alone what we call geniuses are made. There is some truth in a recent theory that geniuses are a sort of madness.”

Now, persons of this class, if they want to be great, must fight to be so clear the deck for battle. No encumbrance- marriage, no children, no undue attachment to anything except the one idea and live and die tor that. I am a person of this sort. Either “Bhoga” or “Yoga”-either enjoy this life or give up and be a ‘Yogi’. None can have both in one. Now or never, select quick. Achieve happiness or achieve greatness. 1 will be overjoyed to hear that you are married also and happy so far as happiness can be had here, or would like to hear of your doing great deeds.” Eugenic And Marriage

Of Jesus Christ, Vivekananda writes that the great teacher of humanity had family ties, no physical ideas m Him. had no sex ideas, He was a soul. Nothing but a soul, just working a body, for the good of humanity; and that was all His relation to the body. In the soul, there is no sex. In disembodied soul has no relationship to the animal, no relation to the body. The ideal may be way beyond us. But never mind, keep to the ideal. “Let us confess that it is our ideal, but we can’t approach it yet.”

Swami Vivekananda says: *… no encumbrance, no marriage, no children … and either Bhoga’ or Yoga,..” none can have both in one” seem paradoxical. Even the great poet Shelly has written: “Nothing in the world is single, All things by a law divine, In one another’s being mingled Why not I with thine ?”

Thus is true love born. It ends in marriage and a couple is formed. This true love lasts through life. The heart never gets wrinkles.

Hence, unless people marry and produce offspring, how can the continuity and perpetuation of a species be maintained on this planet? But marriage has to follow certain norms. The aim of marriage should be the creation and production of healthy and ideal progeny. This idea becomes manifest when one goes through the following conversation between Sri Sri Thakur, Deshbandhu C.R. Das, and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das, in the course of his talks with Sri Sri Thakur on varied aspects, particularly on how to achieve independence for India, and social and national development, expressed that he did not find a single efficient man to whom responsibility could be entrusted. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, too, whose parents were Thakur’s oblate, had posed a Similar question to Thakur, to both of them. Sri Sri Thakur gave a similar reply: “My idea is that to work for the country we are to undertake man-making programs first. In order to get men of better caliber, marriage reformation deserves our immediate attention. The marriage must be established in such a way that every marriage is compatible. Compatibility implies consistent harmony. Selection of marriage partners must be based on the consideration of Varna, family heritage, longevity, health, temperament, etc. of both the bride and the bridegroom. It is the compatible marriage that begets better progeny. Then only better service and work for the country become possible by these people of better caliber in all respects.” Deshbandhu greatly appreciated Thakur’s words but remarked: “This, I realize from what you say. But Thakur, it is a matter of a long-term program. It will take a long time”.

Sri Sri Thakur smilingly replied. “A long time it must take. We have done nothing for the nation or society for such a long time. I do not think any shortcut program will render real and permanent benefits for the nation. The essential -factors that govern the birth of a better child with richer instincts and attributes are comprehensive compatibility, proper eugenic adjust-ability and the profound love- a tension between husband and wife”. Thakur further points out; *A man may not consider marriage a vital factor. But everything is based on marriage. The birth of an offspring depends on it. His character, conduct, efficiency, and achievements – everything depends basically on the inborn biological adjustment of the offspring. When an anomaly intrudes on matrimony, a nation gets a snake-bite on her head. As when a man gets a snake-bite on his forehead, the snake- charmer hardly gets a chance to try for his life, similarly, when a nation suffers matrimonial anomaly, economy, education everything tails to make her survive”. Eugenic And Marriage

Thakur’s sermon on marriage, begins thus: “First be wedded to love, the Lord, since marriage before Lord or Church can’t be dissolved but a wedding, which is a mere sexual contract before a government officer, can be dissolved at any time.” Thakur considers marriage as propitious to existence but for that, He suggests the marriage of a male with a compatible chaste female of a similar clan (Varna Such a marriage is the elixir of life and is inseparable. A male of superior heredity should marry a female of similar or little lower heredity, culture, and conduct and a female with a male of similar or higher heredity (Hyper-gamy). This would result in mighty offspring endowed with spontaneous educative, r intuitive trans He warns- *not to graft r females of higher pedigree on inferior or S wild varieties of men since it would be futile to try to readjust a polygamous progeny reviving the original tune the parents”.

Thakur further laid stress on conjugal love as the most powerful nutrition that noun-shes the very existence of men and women: “Existence comes into being through the fusional adherence between sperm and ovum. It is the tendency towards unification in man”. Eugenic And Marriage

Sri Sri Thakur believes: “Compassionate love and sweet dealings o a husband invigorate the zeal of life in his wife. Serviceable efficiency and pleasing conduct of a loving wife produce a radiator up-growth in her husband’s heart”. In the words of Thakur: “A wife is she who never wipes out hi adherence to the husband, and a husband is he who through his love for the Lord, the Ideal, does no separate himself from her existential interest in every suffering and happiness”. To the married couple. His message is “. be thou joined With pious nuptials, be one in two and two in one with the glory a Providence and thus be blessed”. This remark corroborates the biblical statement of the Lord Jesus Christ where He has said that the husband and wife should be attached to each other with such profound love that they will become one in flesh and spirit. A strong opponent of the divorce system prevalent today in our own and other countries. Sri Sri Thakur remarks: Divorce is a civil adjustment of the beastly ballot with a legal sanction for sexual debauchery”, and goes on to say, “Where divorce an remarriage of females prevail, there is no value of chastity and marriage”. Thakur does not approve of a marital relation with a widow or divorced wife, since it introduces unchaste elements in the society which degrade the nation.

Another important issue to be mentioned here is in-breeding, or mating of a related individual referred to as consanguineous marriage in human beings and includes relations such as father-daughter, mother-son, brother-sister, uncle-niece, aunt-nephew. Genetic studies established a scientific reason for avoiding these relationships on the ground that marriages of relatives tend to result in abnormal children and that there is almost always an increase in the incidence of mortality or disease in offspring of related individuals. Thakur, too, frowns at incest and marriage between very closely-related individuals and remarks: incongruous marriage even in similar blood heredity is an incubator mental diseases generally as I see.”

Sri Sri Thakur’s eugenic principles become evident in the following words: “Maladjusted incompatible gene- combination in wedding begets infectious scoundrels who vitiate the environment family and society and lead the clan, country, and nation to ruin”. Eugenic And Marriage

Thakur has been a great opponent of incompatible, hetero type marriage within dissimilar clan since it breaks up the ancestral hereditary traits of the line and causes disastrous cultural modification He says: “Compatibility of racial blood and characteristic is likely to make fellowship easy and even instinctive…. but the indiscriminate mixture is always mischievous”. He also says: “Go back to you traditional traits which develop by and by through custom, conventions, and culture with ever meaningful adjustment… especially in the affair of marriage because it is the stay of existence”. He further remarks: ” make thy parents and guardians the conscientious match-making ambassadors. Any suggestion of a lie to the magic would be extremely bad!

According to Sri Sri Thakur, the broader points to be considered in the selection of bride and bridegroom, therefore, are: heredity, its instinctive display, hereditary diseases, physical and merit; temperament, educational acumen along with health and hygiene, constitution, and longevity These are the basic tenets upon – A Inch much work has been done in this century to elucidate the principle and phenomenon of genetics, and this has brought us an understanding of many basic mechanisms underlying Me processes.

Thakur’s sermons on the principles of marriage prove beyond doubt that He has played the role of a great Genetic Counselor for the whole human race. To conjecture about what Thakur has said should not merely be an exercise in imagination. While it is true that genetic problems of human beings now present seemingly impenetrable barriers, all that has been said by Sri Sri Thakur, if followed, would bring brilliant success within the realm of possibility. There is no doubt about the fact that the principles of marriage and eugenics as advocated by Sri Sri Thakur hold much potential for the benefit of mankind. Eugenic And Marriage

There is a great hue and cry today to improve the breed of dogs, buffaloes, sheep and hens-but nobody thinks of improving the human breed- It is of utmost interest to note that, aside from creating ‘book banks and blood-banks’. Communist China has made an urgent appeal to authors, artists, athletes, and other “outstanding men'” to come forward and donate sperm to the ‘sperm bank’ which was, opened in 1981 in the province of Hunan. The bank carried out 137 artificial Insemination last year but there are 5.500 more inquiries from mothers eager to be impregnated with sperm from the bank. This clearly shows that every mother craves to give birth to an able child, but may not find her husband fit. Is it not the result of an incompatible marriage? What is the solution then? Eugenic And Marriage

A true disciple of Sri Sri Thakur can let the world know that to produce a better child the essential requisites are comprehensive compatibility, proper eugenic adjustability, and profound love- the tension between husband and wife, and not the opening of ‘sperm-banks’. It may not take long for other countries also to follow suit. Even if a mother is able to give birth to a healthy child after artificial insemination with sperm from a sperm- bank’, who shall be regarded as the father of the child-the husband of the child’s mother or the anonymous man whose sperms fecundated the ovum of his or her mother?

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