Mother, the Master Architect of a child

mother,the master architect of a child

Sri Sri Thakur Anukula Chandra said, “The growth potential of a child and its actual realization depends to a considerable extent on the wife’s emotional affiliation with her husband”. Hence, it is undoubtedly enunciated that harmonious marriage, ideal conjugal life, and unflinching love and devotion of the wife are very essential desideratum for the real education and the elevation of a child. Mother’s comprehension, life, and living, personality, styles, character, and efficiency are the seed-bed of child’s development. The more these attributes are developed and strengthened in one, the better the foundation she lays for her child’s education. One should take care of this, otherwise one has to repent in the future. Father’s loyalty towards his parents and respect for teachers and other superiors; and mother’s unflinching love and devotion to her husband, determine the education of the child. Parents’ love and affection for their offspring make the child affectionate. Hence, Sri Sri Thakur said, “Father’s love and affection and mother’s devotion tend to instill in their children ideals and virtues”. As a matter of fact, the affectionate goading of the mother makes her children adapt themselves to good characteristics if any of the essential resources 1 of father dwells in them. Mother, the Master Architect of a child

Swami Vivekananda said, “Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man”. In this situation, we should not forget the role of a teacher. Sri Sri Thakur said, “To teach, be affectionate with compassionate palatable infusion and minimum unavoidable chide, goad thy student to acquisitive harbor creating ardent ardor in him according to his temperament”. A teacher with all his characteristics acts as the crystal nucleus in the concentric adherence of the students, molds their character, exalts their talents, and induces urge according to the instinctive characteristics of the pupil. Sri Sri Thakur responded to the demands of our time through his impeccable observation of contemporary problems and peerless comprehension of human psychology. He defined education as “Systematic organization of habits and instincts with the purpose of fulfilling the becoming of life by graduated active manipulation of behavior through an active adhere to the ideal”. To bring out and materialize a congruity from among varieties and unify them meaningfully discovering their relation to existence – is the essence of education. Mother, the Master Architect of a child

‘The secret of success vita development of a child lies behind the master role of a mother. The father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi expressed education as – cha “a drawing out of the best in child and man- the body, mind, and spirit”. A group of philosophers like John Locke expounded the learner’s mind at birth is “tabula rasa” i.e. like she a clean slate. Therefore, a child is conceived Edu and cast in the mold of the mother. Mother’s behavior pattern and styles of living provide his the child’s conception and being.

Having released from the mother’s womb, it comes in contact with the mother at first. Mother is its life-giver, harbor of security “L and its life-sustaining system and the first Ta teacher. All-in-one, mother’s influence is all-pervading and impeccable. A child’s education T is dictated largely by its mother’s personality. b It has been rightly expressed by Sri Sri Thakur is that the pattern and direction of a child’s d development are in consonance with its mother’s habits and behavior. Plasticity of t the child’s personality has greater amenability to receive the early impressions of its mother. A mother’s careful and constant watch over her child directs his behavior in the desired direction. A child’s inherent attributes and vices get themselves expressed overtly and covertly in its behavior. If the mother fails to channelize or direct these inherent impulses rightly at this vital time, it is indeed very difficult to ratify it at a later stage when they get themselves well entrenched to resist the stoutest strokes of change. In this context, we may recapitulate the advice of Sri Sri Thakur that “If a mother loses the grip over her child’s earlier years and fails to sublimate his impulsive tendencies, she cannot make him a man despite all education and control later on. If you desire to make your child a worthy asset, regulate his vices in time. Your intentional intervention during his 5 to 10 years age would ensure success in his life”. Hence, there is the saying that –

“Lalayet Panchavarsani, Dashavarsani Tadayet, Praptetu Shodashavarshe PutrangMitrang Vabacharet”.

The foundation of a child’s life-education is laid by the mother who is the primary and immediate asset of a family. The climate of disciplined living, love, and reverence that prevails in the family, influences and directs the child’s behavior. To enrich the quality of the home environment, it is to ensure that every member of the family possesses right conduct, reciprocity of love and respect, an attitude of service and sympathy, good neighboring relation, entertaining guests, love and respect for relatives, helping the destitute recollection of glorious heritage of ancestors and family lineage, reading of religious Scriptures, the offering of prayer, etc. Hence, Sri Sri Thakur said, Family, is the primordial institution whose impact is invincible. Education in schools, howsoever organized and systematic, has its own inherent constraints and limitations. Early education of the child at home sets the tone and texture of an ideal education for the child”. Mother, the Master Architect of a child

After all, the family is the most basic center of a child’s learning. Mother is the first has the teacher of a child. Her personality has the magic touch of Aladdin’s lamp. No one has the second role of a mother and can never replace her as the first teacher. So, to say unhesitatingly that “mother is the master architect of a child’s life and growth”. Mother, the Master Architect of a child

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