Purusottam, Fulfiller The Best Of Age

fulfiller the best

Purusottam is fulfiller the best of age. He who solves some problems of life and fulfills some aspects of life is called fulfiller the great But he, who can solve all the problems of life, either quite normal or abnormally intricate and fulfills each and everybody according to the Characteristics lies within him/her is called fulfiller the best of the age. One after leading a prolonged ascetic life can have enlightenment and can lead others to the extent of knowledge that he has achieved. For example, a Yoga guru teaches the principles of the eightfold way of yoga and emphasizes the cure of different fatal diseases through it. The basic principle of his teaching is to perform yoga. He may teach about some other aspects of life and growth, but basically, all his teachings center around Yoga, the sole device for physical fitness. But Purushottam, fulfiller the best of the age, can touch all the aspects of life and teaches everything for the all-round development/ growth of an individual, Conjugal, Home. Social and the State life as a whole. Fire can only boil water and evaporates it, but hot boiled water can never boil water to the degree of its evaporation. So Purusottam, the fire of life, can fulfill and elevate all the worldly Characteristics. Because he is the embodiment of all branches of learning and thus fulfiller the best of the age.

Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satsang_(Deoghar) is called Purusottam, the highest manifestation of human perfection and the incarnation of God. He is the highest evolved man. He comes to this earth fulfilling all the past prophets. He never ignores others, rather fulfills them making/ highlighting their principles more meaningful. According to Sri Sri Thakur” Already Past Prophets are embodied in the present and the present one is the exponent of the past with the requisites of the present age and he is the fuller of every distinctiveness. So his worship is the Worship of every one of the Past. Thus any Prophet of the past is the adjusted evidence of the Prophet of the age.” (Message No. 97, the message Vol.ll). He teaches the Principles of life and growth in a refined updated manner keenly observing the necessity of the present situation and demand of the age. He who goes to him and places his problems before him can have the proper solution to his problems. Many Scientists, artists. Philosophers statesmen. Politicians, Poets, Agriculturists. Economists, Businessmen, or People from different faculties used to visit Sri Sri Thakur and had become full-fledged according to their characteristics and got the perfect solution of their respective problems. So Purusottam knows all and everything and he is the Omani Scent, the almighty. He is enriched with one hundred eightfold godly virtues (Symbols); abnormally normal, wisely foolish, and gorgeously simple. He appears on earth in a most neglected remote corner with an atom bomb of name and loves only to conquer the Universe. He is the father of the Supreme and the base on which he appears, stands, and flourishes are the name and love only. He is the name and love incarnate. That is why the word ‘Param Premamaya’ is so favorite to Sri Sri Thakur. He is the condensed form of name and love. The holy name (Satnam) he propagates, is the source of the creation. Everything, we see in the Creation is nothing but the condensed form of sound Vibration. The Vibration/recitation/repetition of the holy name on the brain Center i.e. in the Junction of two eyes and root of the nose stimulates hundreds and thousands of dormant and paralyzed brain cells and activates them. It whips the pineal gland and increases the Secretion of Melanin, the miracle hormone which helps to slow down the aging process, prevent diseases by secreting antibodies by boosting the immune system by boosting energy level to keep youthfulness for a long time. Recitation of the holy name saves the mind and brings a Godhead. The brain is the regulator of the body. When one owns a balanced brain, one can lead a well balanced and perfect goof life. So the basic formula as conceived by Sri Sri Thakur is to save the brain first through the recitation of the most evolved, powerful, and effective sound vibration the Satnam’ of the age. Purusottam, Fulfiller The Best Of Age

In every age, when the principles of life and growth deteriorate and misinterpreted, he comes to establish Dharma in its right meaningful way. He with heart and soul, calls the human being to follow & fulfill him. He says to mankind to be ideal Concentric which is the keynote and milestone of life. A heartful love and inclination to Purusottam, the Supreme beloved, imparts ability and growth in life. In general, one is guided by the passions. If one is attached to a spiritual guide as his supreme beloved, loves him wholeheartedly, his passions are regulated, adjusted, and Channelized in a positive and constructive way. His ego becomes neutral and ideal Oriented. Because man is fashioned after what he loves. He can after all lead a life free from errors. When the sun rises it becomes light in every nook and corner of the earth. All the lights which light the night are automatically extinguished. Laths of stars can never remove the darkness, which a moon can do. So, it indispensable to be attached and initiated to Purusottam, the sun of life, the source of all energies. He can enlighten the entire life from the starting point to the end with the magnetic and magnificent touch of his holy name and by the exercise of which the latest qualities within becoming potent and one starts evolving towards perfection. Past Prophets are consummated in the divine man of the present. ‘Dharma, as defined by Sri Sri Thakur, is the providential flow to uphold life and growth or the law of upholding by which existence is prolonged with ability and growth and with every compatible interaction and systematic Coherence, do observe and sustain. (Message No-1, Vol-II)

Dharma is the upholder of existence. It nurtures the being and becoming when the being and becoming deteriorate he comes to the earth to establish dharma. If we look to the present world from different angles and on a threadbare analysis of the present situation, we may come to a conclusion that from a material point of view there is no deterioration of being & becoming. Science has given us everything full-fledged for our well being. Secondly, everything in this world is rising very fast. The cost of living, expansion of cities, Population, etc. are rapidly growing. Then what’s a problem with being and becoming? What is the necessity for the infinite to land on earth in human form to revive and establish Dharma and safeguard the being and becoming? Purusottam, Fulfiller The Best Of Age

on a keen, minute, and broad observation from a spiritual point of view it is aptly clear that the being and becoming of life basically stand on two important virtues, i.e. giving and doing for others. Nowadays the above two qualities are barely lacking with human beings. People have become quite self- Centric, Money oriented, and maximum Conservative in their look. So the expansion of life Sieges. Expansion of life rests on the above two important virtues-giving and doing for others. According to Sri Sri Thakur, expansion is life and Contraction is death. If one gives and fulfills his elders/ superiors and others in his direct environment, thinks of the interest of others more than his then he becomes elevated & expanded. He will definitely have a good scope to realize what life is and enjoys it to the fullest possible extent. Sri Sri Thakur emphasizes to live for self and for others & it is the basic principle of Dharma. One has got no existence and growth without concentrating to safeguard and protect the interest of others. What a unique and Unchallengeable definition of Dharma! Purusottam, Fulfiller The Best Of Age

According to Sri Sri Thakur, One grows and becomes expanded through giving and it is first to his love lord, the Purusottam. It is called Istavrity. It is the connecting bridge, in between ‘Purusakar’ and ‘Daibikar’ One may have a good deal of ‘Purusakar’ but without it being coincided to ‘Dabikar’ and properly channelized through the divine grace of his love Lord, one can sustain no longer and fall flat premature just like Ravan, Kansa, Jarasandha, etc. Istavirti opens the path of earnings and makes one free from pauperism. It helps to store energy in the mind in auto process & helps when one is in danger and in acute need of relief. So important is Istavirty, the devotional offerings to the supreme beloved Jajan save the mind, Jaajan develops the vitality of life as a vitamins health tonic and Istavirty is the helmet to save a life in danger. After initiation one is to adopt the above three principles which nurture and regulate thought, speech and action. Life normally develops with its all-round Luxuriant growth by following the above three basic principles of life. Purusottam, Fulfiller The Best Of Age

Purusottam is the Savior of mankind. All and everybody is to take shelter on his lotus feet. Only he can erase & eradicate all the sorrows and suffering and brings peace, the Celestial. Being attached to him, one becomes emancipated from the bondage of the world and salvaged. Civilization can evolve to the pedestal of its highest perfection of the principles of elitism propagated by Sri Sri Thakur are followed irrespective of Caste, Creed, Religion & Nationality

Hence Purusottam is ‘fulfiller the best of the age’ and to follow and fulfill him is the keynote of Life.

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