Business – fundamental principles

Business – fundamental principles

Business – Fundamental Principles- Sree Sree Thakur not in favor of partnership business as the mind of two persons may not be one. He prefers the business by personal supervision and management. Therefore He prefers small-scale business establishments.

          He has also prescribed the characteristics of a businessman. He says – “wide publicity, ability, and excellence at work, service, and welfare in behavior, are the main characteristics of a business. Materialize those in character and success in business must come.”

          He further tells – “Daily offering of oblation to God or the Ideal, serviceable, in and out courteous nice behavior, personal supervision and maintenance of accounts with keen interest, progressive profitable management, keeping words at the scheduled time, regular addition of one-fourth of the profit to the principle are the primal formulas of business; if all these are observed at every step, rarely one will be cheated in business.” Business – fundamental principles

He prefers the businessman to go by his instinctive urge by being Ideal centric. He, therefore, says-“If you earn such knowledge from the will to fulfill the Ideal and if this earning has colored your character, by which your sympathetic sweet behavior and care, the needy-by fulfilling and making Him rise, and if profit comes from Him as a blessing- and if you are regulated by continuous attachment, capability, profitable management, and tolerance which may invite you are going up then with brevity step into the field of business- by the blowing of your conch may the goodness of the wealth be dethroned and you be set there.” For a successful businessman, Sree Sree Thakur suggests-“Earn such a knowledge by the inquisition, alertness activity and continuity that you be the regulator of the ascertained development of man and you will find no opportunity for loss in business.” Business the fundamental principles.

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