Jajan-to elevate oneself

sri sri thakur anukul chandra

Jajan-To Elevate Oneself. Self-Culture In Sanskrit Is Known As Jajan. After being initiated, the first thing one has to go for is Jajan. It comprehends within its sweep, ideal concentric repetition of Holy Name, meditation, worship, self-analysis, personal study, the pursuit of vows and penance, exalting service, prayer, etc. The types of Holy names available so far to mankind are-(1) That which represents resonance-(2) That represents the sound and (3) That represents an idea. The resonant Name is given by Sree Sree Thakur https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anukulchandra_Chakravarty and is the highest kind of Holy Name https://gyanajyoti.com/2021/02/03/satnaam-the-original-vibration-of-creation/ as it holds in it the spirit, nature, and idea of any other name. The attempt should be made to repeat this name incessantly. One has to repeat the Holy name inwardly and at the same time concentrate or thinking of the Ideal represents the very essence of the causal plane or in other words, it is the conscious personified form of the Name. Through this, the supreme truth can be realized. In a sentence to assimilate all the qualities of the beloved Ideal in oneself is Jajan.

Meditation is another most important factor of Jajan. It involves the yogic process. The whole of the human body has been divided into six planes by the saints. They are (1) The root (Muladhara) (2) The Self (Swadhistan) (3) The gems (Manipur) (4) The non-stop (Anahata) (5) The throat (Vishuddha) (6) The penial ( Ajna chakra). By meditation, one can cross the six planes one after another and can finally have the liberation of the soul from the passionate complexes. Sree Sree Thakur says-“The Psychophysical molding of objects and affairs to fulfill the interest of the principle, unfurling the faculties of perception, conception, discretion and remembrance with a shortening of the reaction time is the fundament of concentration and meditation”.

So, also, the other pursuits are to be followed.

Jajan-To Elevate Oneself

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