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Mother, the Master Architect of a childMother, the Master Architect of a child

Sri Sri Thakur Anukula Chandra said, “The growth potential of a child and its actual realization depends to a considerable extent on the wife’s emotional affiliation with her husband”. Hence, it is undoubtedly enunciated that harmonious marriage, ideal conjugal life, and unflinching love and devotion of the wife are very essential desideratum for the real […]

Beverage Of ExistenceBeverage Of Existence

where the nature of existence evolve into up-hearing enthusiastic ardent active urge with complement service,interest flows these,people gather community flourishes,society comes into being with the luster of freedom and rolls into the one-the love-the anointed advent ,whose doctrine is love,life,growth and piety commune of people ,families these with the trickles of nectar ;hence dharma that […]