Sambrani Dhoop Cup

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  1. Hold the cup by the tip of the narrow stem.
  2. Light the upper side rim of the cup over fire.
  3. Wait till the entire rim start burning eventually.
  4. After the entire rim glows, blow out the flame and experience pure dhoop fragrance.
  5. Keep out from reach of children.
  6. Keep the cup away from wind or fan.
  7. Please keep the box closed after use.


Sambrani Cups are a traditional Vedic purifying elements that is used to spread the positivity in homes and places of work. They are effective and creates an aura that you feel an intensity while meditation, yoga and more…

Additional information

Dhoop Cup

Color Plus, Gugal, Hawan Samagri, Jasmin Flower, Keshar Chandan, Pineapple, Sai Bhakti, Shree Yantra

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  1. Ajit Kumar Sahoo

    Very Good

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