Rise O’ Child of God’ to your best

Rise O’ Child of God’ to your best

It is said in the Bible that God created man after His own image. God is all powerful, merciful and loving. So human beings. His image creation is supposed to inherit such powers. This power remains in a dormant state in human body. But this power can be awakened if the center of this power is duly located, activated and aroused, by which the human being will become all powerful. This inherited power can be sensitized to arouse the Godly attributes viz. empathy, mercy and love towards other living beings as well as the entire environment. It is said in the Bible that God created man after His own image. God is all powerful, merciful and loving.

Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra (1888-1969), a great visionary, and seer of the age, started His Satsang Movement to create good human beings. Satsang is otherwise known as a man-making workshop. Sri Sri Thakur prescribes a simple method:

  1. Accept a living spiritual teacher whom He calls Ideal or (SADGURU), who is a normal but superior all loving human being.
  2. He prescribes to repeat silently a small word-SATNAM which creates vibrations in a particular method that energizes our body and mind.
  3. He has introduced a unique method to stimulate the pineal gland situated at the root of the nose for the secretion of Melatonin. This is known as “Chakra-Sadhana” which requires only five to ten minutes in our daily routine.

Physiology tells us that a very important gland called pineal gland is there at the root of the nose, which secretes melatonin. Western research has found that melatonin functions as a synchronizer of the biological clock, a powerful free radical scavenger and wide spectrum antioxidant as discovered in 1993, twice effective than vitamin E and C. Research has supported the anti-aging properties of melatonin. It is useful in Alzheimer’s disease, migraine and cluster headaches and body weight control etc. (Ref:www.wikipedia.org)

In Indian Yoga-system, the pineal gland is known as Ajna Chakra. The word Ajna means to know, to obey, to follow and to command. It is also known as THIRD EYE i.e. ‘Dibyachakshu’ or ‘Gyana netra’. To identify this important place we place Tilak, Chandan, Sindur and Kumkum on the surface of the center. It is the doorway through which one develops the power of the mind such as quick grasp, correct analysis and proper solution to our problems. It enhances our power of memory and intuition as well. When it is awakened, ‘budhi’ i.e. intelligence and will-power become strong. Fickleness disappears and mind becomes steady. The flow of melatonin slows down the ageing process, prevents diseases, boosts immune system. (Ref: Kundalini Tantra, by Swami Satyananda Saraswati) Rise O’ Child of God’ to your best

This is the Satsang way of Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra, The Supreme Father calls you. You are His child: So rely on Him and be brave.


Rely and work on boldly

Fortune favors the brave

Faith, Reliance and Sacrifice

These three are the sign of bravery.

Satyanusaran by Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra

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