Significance of the Asana for doing Japa or Sadhana or Meditation.

Significance of the Asana for doing Japa or Sadhana or Meditation.


Whenever we think about Guru, it automatically reminds us about Guru Matra. The essence of spirituality in Indian culture is to practice the Guru Mantra or do Japa or Sadhana or meditation in the proper process as prescribed by Guru. So Japa of Guru mantra is the fundamental process for a disciple. For Japa, various fundamental aspects are to be taken care of better results of practicing meditation or doing Japa. Among the aspects, one has to sit on a prescribed Asana as according to our Holy scriptures or recommended by Guru. In this context, Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra recommends we sit on a kambal asana or woolen mat for Japa. So to bring better clarity on the significance of kambal asana or woolen mat we made an effort to collect some references from our ancient scriptures.

According to Shiva Gita, one cannot attain siddhi by doing Japa without asana or sitting on the earth. We know that body should not touch the earth during Japa. If we touch the earth, then body electricity will move to earth and we will not get the result of our practice. So various asanas are recommended in various Tantra Sastras.

According to Shiva Gita,

  1. Asana made up of cloth———–for wealth
  2. Asana made up of leaf————for recovery from disease
  3. Asana made up of Kusha———for Jnana
  4. Asana made up of Tiger Skin—-for moksha and wealth
  5. Asana is made up of Kambal—–for all Siddhis.
  6. One should not sit on a rock or a wood while doing Japa.

From this, we can know why Sri Sri Thakur has recommended us to practice Japa sitting on a kambal asana.

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