Need For Cotton Shawl During Meditation & Buying Meditation Shawl.

Need For Cotton Shawl During Meditation & Buying Meditation Shawl

Whenever we talk about spiritual life, we think about meditation. Meditation is an important part of spiritual life. Generally, we hear that meditation means sitting calmly or repeating mantras mentally. But when we want to meditate we need to know much fundamental preparation for meditation by our spiritual Gurus.

In different meditational practices, we find, people are using meditation shawl. They cover their entire body during meditation. For this, people use shawls of different fabrics like silk, rayon cotton, etc.

Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra recommends using a cotton meditation shawl during meditation. These shawls are made up of 100% cotton and are soft.

Advantages of cotton meditation shawl.

  • Give support for meditation
  • Gives a deeper sense of relaxation.
  • Gives a magical healing effect.
  • Gives a spiritual warmth along with physical warmth.
  • Protects from flies and insects.
  • Holds the energy accumulated by meditation.
  • Gives energy and healing when we are ill.

Finally, we can say that a proper meditation shawl gives us good results in meditation. So we should use the meditation shawl on a regular basis during meditation.

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