The Only Shelter

We require the sustenance and development of our life. The Supreme Soul upholds our inner being and manifests in various forms according to our instinctive traits. This is materialized through a divine personality by action and deeds and the shower of providential bliss could make all propitious. The living ideal is the only way to lead an adjusted, happy and prosperous life through untottering adherence and active allegiance. For awakening, the ideal within us a superior living man in flesh and blood leads us and teaches all mechanisms of achieving perfection by attachment with Him through initiation. He is popularly known as Acharya, the only shelter of our life.

To save the world Sree Sree Dada, the Acharyadeva of Satsang gives topmost importance to acceptance of the Holy Name through initiation. On the occasion of the 231st, All India Satsang Ritwik Conference on 15.04.1998 Acharyadeva Param Pujyapada Sree Sree Dada said, “. .Our goal is Iswarprapti, i.e., to realize God in reality. But God is ‘Abang-mana so-go charm’ i.e., beyond the expression of our mind and speech. Man cannot recognize Him, cannot comprehend Him. He always remains beyond my own conceptual capacity. But when He descends to this plane of matter in the human dimension then and then only we can conceive Him through Sat-Diksha, i.e., holy initiation. When we take His initiation and move on accordingly on His way we tend to become enriched with Godly attributes. Then we achieve Dharan- Paalani-Byaktitwa, i.e., upholding and protecting personality. God upholds each and all. He never lets anyone get lost from Him.”

Once Sree Sree Thakur said referring to Sree Sree Dada when the latter was a boy only, I find myself within him. The child is very exuberant, very pleasant, courageous, and also intelligent. Sree Sree Thakur again said, Tt’s the third generation, I have heard that the third generation inherits a lot (inherits much of the good qualities of the first generation). See if there is any proof in any book. (Alochana Prasangey, Vol. II, Pg. 173)

In the process of holy initiation, one is to realize his own self and to adjust his complexes. A meaningful coordination between the Ideal, individual, and environment could be possible which helps a man to attain perfection and love. By coming in contact with the divine radius of the great personality of Sree Sree Dada these processes become very automatic and spontaneous. The complexes get adjusted lust becomes love, anger becomes vigor, greed becomes generosity, pride becomes humility, etc. The magnetic pull of his love, methods of curing men of their sorrows, sufferings, and troubles, his unique process by which the forlorn get glimpses of hope, life and light are ever originally his own. His blissful appearance attracts each and every one. His microscopic vision is so intense and powerful that it can see through anyone’s nature or into his past. The thermo-dynamic changes which are very much essential for biological function (bioenergetics) in the form of nuclear reaction are also very much possible. His face is very cheerful and ever possesses a powerful attractive force. The magnetic pull of his personality is irresistible. He is very keen on understanding the morphological, anatomical, physiological, and biochemical lives of innumerable animals, plants, and micro-organisms of this universe. Once Sree Sree Borda visited Nandan Kanan, the zoological park near Bhubaneswar. During his stay, the then minister Sri Batakrushna Jena expressed his feelings before Sree Sree Borda, “The animals are coming very close to the walls of the cages to see you.” Sree Sree Borda very cheerfully and gladly said, “Babu (Sree Sree Dada) understands the languages of animals better than I.

Sree Sree Dada knows a number of languages for which people from different parts of India and foreigners can easily have conversations with him. He is a voracious reader and reads the books not by words or lines but by pages very rapidly. He has also established a big library at ashram possessing the books of different languages and various aspects with national and international repute. Almost all the original Bengali scripts and books of Sree Sree Thakur containing difficult words are being translated by him in English. He is a great connoisseur of Hindustani classical music and many other forms of music and he writes and composes songs. He gets pleasure by curing very critical diseases and always helps those who are afflicted by poverty and stands by them in their hour of crisis. At the time of famine, flood, cyclone, earthquake, tsunami or any other form of natural calamity he extends all sorts of physical and financial helps to governments in general and the individual in particular. Sree Sree Dada knows the preparation of a great number of vegetarian dishes and the scientific ways of their nutritional composition. The Only Shelter

Although ample opportunities are there for him to go abroad just like Sree Sree Thakur he has not visited any foreign countries ever but encourages others with sufficient caution. Once to a student praying to go to Canada, he blessed thus, “Go to Canada or moon but do not forget your father, mother, and country. After acquiring some knowledge and wealth from these countries return quickly to your own country” Many foreigners coming to India are getting the real path. Once a foreign girl named Betina Hansel was rescued by Sree Sree Dada from a very critical danger and was provided with all sorts of facilities and she stayed in a familial atmosphere at Satsang Thakurbari, Puri prior to her departure to her own country. During the super cyclone of 1999 in Orissa, Sree Sree Dada sent an American devotee, David Lichtgarn, and his family with me to show them some of the important places, Indian villages, customs, traditions, cultures and facilitating interactions with a variety of personalities. He always tries to establish an interrelationship amongst all the human beings of the world.

Sree Sree Dada is very keen on all sorts of objects and always tries to establish the most sophisticated and scientific reasons and backgrounds. He visualizes each plant species for having various types of uses as medicines and growth-stimulating agents. Whenever Sree Sree Dada goes to any locality he can easily identify and speculate the important features of that place with its historical, mythological, archaeological, spiritual, and social backgrounds. During his stay at Puri Sree Sree Dada used to visit “Totapuri ashram and Allarnath temple and explained very lucidly correlating with that of Sree Sree Ramkrishnadev and Sree Sree Chaitanyadev, respectively. The priests of Sri Jagannath temple regularly visits the Satsang Thakurbari at Puri and had long conversations with Sree Sree Dada regarding the daily activities of Sri Jagannath temple, various rituals, and functions. The Only Shelter

Sree Sree Thakur highly appreciated the in-born leadership and presence of mind of Sree Sree Dada. Once Sree Sree Thakur said, “A number of things come to my mind, I think here there will be a university and people from different countries will come here for learning and Babu (Sree Sree Dada) will be its director” (Alochana, Pousa, 1377) Once during the stay of Sree Sree Borda at Satsang Thakurbari, Puri, Sri Dwijen Basu, the nephew of Netaji Subhas Chandra Basu asked Sree Sree Borda, “Is any of your sons Netaji Subhas with you? Sree Sree Borda replied, “My eldest son is with me-he 1st my charioteer. I always move about taking him with me.” The Only Shelter

His words are so powerful that whenever he utters anything it is converted to positive action. Under the dynamic leadership of Sree Sree Dada, the holy centenary Commemoration of Sree Sree Thakur’s advent was celebrated with much pomp and grandeur with the publication of a centenary Volume and release of a postage stamp by the central government as a gesture of homage. He is trying his best to establish Sree Sree Thakur and his ideology throughout the country and abroad by way of holy initiation and establishment of Srimandirs and Satsang Vihar. The Only Shelter

On the eve of the holy 75th birthday of Sree Sree Dada, we all pray for his blessings and offer our obeisance as he is the only shelter in the universe on the path of fulfilling our Lord. The Only Shelter

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