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The district Deoghar was formed on 1 June 1981 by separating the Deoghar sub-division of the erstwhile Santal Pargana district. The literal meaning of ‘Deoghar’ is abode (‘ghar’) of the Gods and Goddesses (‘dev’). Deoghar is also known as “Baidyanath Dham” or “Baba Dham”. The name Deoghar  seems to be of recent origin and probably […]

Science-A Tool For Achieving QualityScience-A Tool For Achieving Quality

To know a thing with all its components coordinating adjustments, peculiarities with their actions, differences, and similarities in all specific specifications is science. Science means to see the affairs contained in a thing thoroughly. the how and why of its adjustments. Science is one of the many adventures of the human mind. It is a […]

The Secret Science Of VibrationThe Secret Science Of Vibration

Everything in this world, both visible and invisible, constantly vibrates. All particles of matter, from the tiniest atom to the mightiest planet, are in a state of vibration. The atoms of the human body are in a state of constant vibration. Different rates of vibration balanced in the cosmic rhythm produce the magnanimous world and […]

Education Aspect In The Perspective Of Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra And Its Relevance To Indian EconomyEducation Aspect In The Perspective Of Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra And Its Relevance To Indian Economy

Education in its truest sense is the monopolistic privilege of human beings. There is a fundamental difference between learning and education. Education is the realization of human beings which is being followed through various processes of learning. In education, the character is formed, whereas in literation character remains untouched. It is to be productive and […]

Personality Through SadhanaPersonality Through Sadhana

Man cannot be made superior being by the development of specific genes in his chromosomes. Modern science stipulates that genes may undergo mutation generally for the worse, by the effect of radiation, chemical agents, etc. to which he may be exposed. The existing genes in a person’s body may be changed towards the desired ones […]