Nature Of Creation

Primitive man in his struggle for survival tried to find ways to save himself from the furies of nature. He tried to appease the Gods whom he thought had the power to regulate these forces, to help him to a secure life. He soon found that the Gods-the god of the storm, of rains and flood, of fire, of pestilence, etc. – could not come to his rescue. But he did not submit to these forces like a frightened animal. He wanted to know and understand the forces, which cause and control the so-called natural happenings – the acts of God and the human life on this earth. Nature Of Creation

But the human mind was not satisfied only with the understanding of the immediate causes and their effects. He aspired to know the ultimate force-the ultimate truth. From early days man has striven to find the truth and has perused the truth through philosophy, science, and religion. Socrates had to die by drinking ‘hemlock because his views were against the vested social and religious interests. Copernicus was forced to change his findings on the movement of the earth relative to the sun, although he knew that his observation was correct. Darwin’s theory on the origin of species has still been banned from biology in some advanced countries of the west. Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra could not find any contradiction in simultaneous pursuit of all these three means, provided philosophy and science, as well as religion, worked for the welfare of the man and of the world. Mill had said the “religion begins where philosophy ends.”

According to Sri Sri Thakur

“When science embraces religion

with meaning and means

keenly and fulfill each other

with kisses and riches

heaven comes down

through the royal road of


to flourish all

with elixir and bliss.”

Sri Sri Thakur observed the scientific world very closely. It was the quanta of energy and their interactions, which determined the physical and chemical properties of matter. This is a finding which modern science could confirm only in the second decade of the last century after the work of Madam Curie on radioactivity and Einstein’s famous hypothesis on the conversion of mass into energy and vice versa. Sri Sri Thakur mentioned that it was the specific type of harmony amongst the fundamental energy particles, which were responsible for physical existence, from which materials evolve. He approached the same truth through his intuitive spiritual knowledge. He could see distinctly what was going on within atoms and molecules and how energy was being converted to make up matter to him there was no difference between material and spiritual science. Sometimes there comes a soul in whom a huge amount of energy gets concentrated; energy should be drawn from such a source as it is easier to do so; such a person is known as “Satguru’. Nature Of Creation.

The entire energy – all the manifestations– of the universe can be explained through the theory of energy waves he used the term ‘vibrations. Sound does not travel through a vacuum-that is why we cannot hear any sound of the never-ending series of nuclear explosions which are going on in the sun or any other astral body. But sound also is generated through vibrations as stated by Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra. According to him vibration comes from the conflict of stato-dynamic urge evolving into sound in a periodic flow of positive and negative motion which creates different devices and designs of creation and dissolution from the vibration tremor of tuning adjustment and it runs on resonating within and without in the form of a thrill of made- and-break. In child-like wonder, we see, as it were the making and breaking of a circuit on the electric push bell and the resulting ringing of the bell. Nature Of Creation.

Vibrations could be used on things with a starting effect. He says Thrill of vibration, audible or inaudible can correct many mal-adjustments of tissues – or can destroy them according to the application; it can also control or destroy with molecular or multi-polar magnetic trust. It is quite well known now that very serious multi-functioning of certain organs, like kidney, can be corrected through electric impulses-kidney- stones can be broken up by ‘sonar’ or sound – vibrations. Sri Sri Thakur recognized the inner meaning of the concept of “Nada Brahma’ and says “Sound is the beginning beverage of the universe’. Nature Of Creation.

Sri Sri Thakur could see the inner or ultimate -constitution of matter. The positive in an atom loves the negative – and the aura of electrons dances around the positive. Shooting and throbbing with the effulgence of quanta resonating transmission -. These were also the theories of Rutherford, Bohr, and Max Plank. Sri Sri Thakur also explained the origin of Gravitation’ – a force, which has not yet been explained with reasons by scientists. Sri Sri Thakur says (As I think) – All atomic adjustments are enchained with one another in their electronic device and electrically which flows from this electric device rolls from atom to atom everywhere; this creates gravitation with magnetic forces in their poles – Mass and Magnitude always creates poles. Atom is composed of ethereal offshoots, as for microscopic globules with their component particles. Nature Of Creation.

Sri Sri Thakur explained the nature of ‘Galaxy, the Milky way, the crucial creative fundus is the source of cosmic flow -through the struggling whirlpool with every upheaving shoot in a gaseous construction- and cosmic rays were thrown out beyond the range of the Milky way and gradually being cooler and cooler, turned into planets for the being as planned by providence’, He also says that the ‘Galaxy’ is a conglomeration of light corpuscles, from which cosmic rays shoot out and create the planet.

Sri Sri Dada, the Pradhan Acharyadev of Satsang establishes the theories very lucidly through personal feelings and explanations during his holy discourses.

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