The Secret Science Of Vibration

The Secrete Science Of Vibration

Everything in this world, both visible and invisible, constantly vibrates. All particles of matter, from the tiniest atom to the mightiest planet, are in a state of vibration. The atoms of the human body are in a state of constant vibration. Different rates of vibration balanced in the cosmic rhythm produce the magnanimous world and ‘Forms’ come and go but the reality that lies behind these ‘Forms’ is unchangeable. The whole universe is full of molecular vibrations. The word or the divine name uttered silently or forcible produces molecular waves, gross, subtle, or more subtle vibrations, and affects every object. There must be rhythm, harmony, or concord in vibration and then there will be an order of definite rhythm in all vibration of human-machine. The Secret Science Of Vibration

There is a rhythm in every movement in this universe and everything has a different rate of vibration. The kosas or five sheaths of the human body annamaya, pranamaya, manomaya, vijnanamaya and anandamaya should all vibrate harmoniously for maintaining good health and a sound mind. Each sheath radiates its own particular aura with a particular rate of vibration and the aura is an emanating or radiation of life force from the kosas. The Prophet and in fact the Acharya possess abundant vital force and radiates the magnetic spiritual aura and brings joy, strength, health, and vitality to countless persons whoever comes in contact with Him. As the vital force constantly radiates from His body in all directions, He becomes the center of energy.

We must know how to harmonize our physical and mental vibrations with the external forces for making ourselves really happy. By placing our self in tune with the vibrations of other people we can really understand them. If we will have a pure mind free from prejudice, intolerance, dislike, hatred, and greed vis-à-vis possessing love, sympathy, mercy, and unbiased neutral state of consciousness, then we will be able to find out at once what sort of vibrations people around us radiate.

It is the quanta of energy and their interactions that determine the physical and chemical properties of matter. Madame Curie’s hypothesis on radioactivity and Einstein’s hypothesis on the conversion of mass into energy and vice versa were well covered when Sree Sree Thakur mentioned that it was the specific type of harmony amongst the fundamental energy particles which were responsible for physical existence from which materials evolve. Life is evolved by the harmonious presence and interactions of the materials and the vibration of energy particles. The same is also the source of color and other properties of materials. Sree Sree Thakur emphasized harmony which ensures stability and progressive movement. The sound and rhythm which arise from the vibrations of the ultimate constituents of the materials in the world including the human body, determine the state of one’s health. Through proper control and adjustment of sound and rhythm, one can check distortions and will be able to control death, disease, and disintegration. There are many things that we can’t see, but if our mind and sense organs are properly developed to capture the vibration then we can see clearly.

The sound on which the Holy Name is composed corresponds to the fundamental vibration of our consciousness, the unfolding of existence from its absolute source. Due to cohesive urge, a living sperm and ovum combination to form a zygote. Then cell division starts as a result of which our body takes shape. This cohesive urge or urge to unification is libido. The expression of the libido is the vital ray or vital energy. When the Holy Name is uttered with libidoic concentration, vibration with vital energy emanates. The range of perception increases according to the individual’s distinctive nature. The vibration resulting in good impulse must be put into action

The goal of life is to achieve meaningful coordination between the Ideal, the individual, and the environment, through an evolving energetic volition. According to Sree Sree Thakur Environment can impart impulse being accepted according to his nature and need, with every thrash which makes one conscious according to his innate inclination. (The Message, Vol. I)

Environmental impulse form impressions in our brain. According to Him, an impression is made in our brain by everything we feel, hear and think. We have instinctive knacks Him “an and traits. According to the interaction of these with the surroundings, our impressions and complexes react and store those reactions in various chambers of our brain. Thus the impulse of the environment is comprehended at a particular time according to the specific state of our body, conception, and brain cells. The finer that state becomes, the more subtle becomes our understanding of the environmental impulse. Further, the impulse of whatever we do or want to do goes as a message to the brain where it is considered. After consideration, our nerves and muscles are instructed accordingly. So more the sensitivity and power of reception of the brain cells are developed, the finer and deeper become our understanding and feeling of the external world and Our internal impressions. By then making a correlation and adjustment between the external world and our internal needs we gain understanding and knowledge accordingly. Establishing good and making the environment suitable for growth is possible only with active adherence to the living ideal which results in deeper vibrations. Everything in this world, both visible and invisible, constantly vibrates. The Secret Science Of Vibration

The progress of the human race depends very much on the life of the individuals and their all-round development. For the best use of different parts of the body, the Holy Name given by Sree Sree Thakur is absolutely needed. This is very much fundamental and is required for human evolution. Sree Sree Thakur is the living embodiment of this Holy Name and Name is the subtle manifestation of the primary energy. It is the key to creation and He has been merged with the universe through this name. The vibration of the Name works within the human system in various ways a unfurls all noble qualities, inherited from parents and was in latent or in dormant conditions. There is a cord within our spinal column that remains filled with a transparent fluid called cerebrospinal fluid. By pronouncing or repeating the Holy Name regularly with all attachment towards the Ideal and fixing the attention at the middle of the two eyebrows and root of the nose, an upward flow of waves starts through that fluid from the base of the spine. The thrust of the waves reaches the brain cells through vibration which then becomes excited and activates the inner cells. The Secret Science Of Vibration

The aura of the prophet and the living representative of the prophet, Acharyadev create a magnetic impulse, and just coming in contact with Him people become Overwhelmed and emotionally attached. This is because blood acts as a carrier of oxygen and carbon dioxide and maintains the acid-base equilibrium of the body. The important Component, hemoglobin of the blood is a complex compound that is made up of four molecules of heme and each heme is a cyclic compound of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, at the center of which there are a bivalent iron and a protein molecule named globin. Hemoglobin has a molecule of water that is replaced by oxygen and forms Oxy-haemoglobin. The iron in the electronic situation behaves like a weak magnet and the Ideal acts great magnetic powerhouse from which energy can be imbibed. Just as a powerful magnet turns an ordinary magnet into a permanent magnet, similarly by leading a unicentric life with the regular recitation of Holy Name, meditation, and devotion towards as an ideal, the vibrating force enhances adjustment of the whole body system and the magnetic power forms so many humane qualities generating a source of attraction. The divine vibration also increases the keenness, sensitivity, power of perception of the individual, and centralized mind to a great extent. Everything in this world, both visible and invisible, constantly vibrates. The Secret Science Of Vibration.

Sree Sree Thakur explained all the manifestations of the universe through the theory of energy waves i.e., vibrations. Sound does not travel through a vacuum, but for transmission of sound a real medium, gaseous, liquid, or solid is required. But the sound is also generated through vibrations. According to Him, “vibration comes from the conflict of state-dynamic urge evolving into sound in a periodic flow of positive and negative motion which creates different devices and designs of creation and dissolution from the vibration of tuning adjustment and it runs on resonating within or without in the form of a thrill of make-and-breaks.” Thus the vibration could be used on things. The thrill of vibration, audible or inaudible, can correct much maladjustment of tissues or can destroy them according to application. It can also control or destroy with molecular or monopolar or multipolar magnetic thrust. So sound, ultimately the vibration in form of the Holy name, is the beginning beverage of the universe. The Secret Science Of Vibration

Let us memorize all the sacred and holy events of Sree Sree Thakur and capture the spiritual vibrations and enrich our lives with the ambrosial blessings of Acharyadev.

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