Personality Through Sadhana

Man cannot be made superior being by the development of specific genes in his chromosomes. Modern science stipulates that genes may undergo mutation generally for the worse, by the effect of radiation, chemical agents, etc. to which he may be exposed. The existing genes in a person’s body may be changed towards the desired ones by intense devotion to the cause of one’s intellectual and spiritual development and the parents will play a major role in the presence of desirable genes in their off-springs. Sri Sri Thakur put much stress on the purity and spiritual quality of parents in determining the character of the offspring. The physical body inherits some qualities and some other qualities are being added from the environment. Since we move in a physical world seeing only our own possessions but we can not see a house since it does not belong to us. we must recognize that our perception is basically flawed and make allowances for that distortion. The conviction thus we carry cannot be convinced in a positive direction. The pleasures and pains of others are as real as mine, but I do not perceive these realities. Personality Through Sadhana.

In the physical world, we are always anxious and eager to get so many of possessions for our own satisfaction. But ultimately we get pain instead of peace. Pain affects us all and we are not conscious of it. We do not want to be, since we understandably fear becoming sensitive to be so much pain. Whether we open ourselves to the consciousness of it or not, we suffer from it; and as long as we remain insensitive, it emerges in our anger, greed, loneliness, defensiveness, and judgementalism. These are the signs of distress. According to Sri Sri Thakur “Desire unfulfilled is misery. Don’t expect anything. Be prepared for every situation what can grief do to you? (Satyanusaran p-18) Self-centredness is the cause of misfortune. In this way one makes himself contracted. When anybody wants to establish himself in the society either by wealth, power, dignity, or any other so-called social or political leadership indirectly he deceives himself. But on the other hand, when he wants to establish his lord the Ideal in all aspects of life the actual dignity comes automatically. As human beings, we don’t know how to live and are very ignorant regarding the aim and objective of life. We neglect our source and also the environment in which we are living. We want to suppress our environment for our own survival. We are not prepared to see the good of others out of our enviousness and jealousy. In order to eradicate such thoughts the adjustment of complexes is highly required. Our mind must be purified by attachment of this soul with the supreme soul through Initiation. Just like rivers enter the ocean, persons following different straight or crooked paths due to difference in their temperaments, ultimately reach the same goal. Personality Through Sadhana.

In this era of darkness and despair, Sri Sri Thakur came as a Messiah to provide protection, light, hope, and charity to the aggrieved souls of human beings. He is the living embodiment of love. Like the light of the sun, His love effulgent out of Him and embraces all. He is nothing but the embodiment of the holy name, the sounds on which it is composed corresponds to the fundamental vibration of our consciousness, the unfolding of existence from its absolute source. He would perceive all individuals from inside-and not only the portion of their being which was within the range of their o perception but all of it. Personality Through Sadhana.

Keeping in view of the development of the personality of the individual, worthy Civilization, civilized state of mind, and the development of the ‘soul’ in order to escape from the endless cycles of reincarnation Sri Sri Thakur acts as a torchbearer for His own creation. The electromagnetic force underlying the fertilization acts as an impelling cause behind man’s quest for unification with something sublime, or the source of existence. Sri Sri Thakur defines the life force or the ‘soul’ as,

“The basic radiant unit From which radiation of life

Or existence emanates With consciousness In a contrast

The soul of man is ever continuous in its evolutionary process. The goal of our life is God-realization or in other words attainment of personality in which the urge of upholding and protecting others is firmly established.

For achieving these we must adopt sadhana as advised by Sri Sri Thakur

“The psycha hysical mouldıng Ofobjects and affairs

To fulfil the interest Of the principal, Unfurling the faculties

Of perception, conception Discretion and remembrance

With the shortening of the reaction time is the fundamental

Of concentration And Meditation.” -(Magna dicta, VNo. 117)

Again He advised the ways for achieving through tapasya.

Do meditate Mantra on thy Lord Dawn and night Do repeat the holy Name

Mentally and meaningfully In all the movements of daily life,

Do materialize the direction Of the Guru in due time That is Tapasya-

the way to achievement” -(Magna dicta V.No.69)

With all allegiance to the Lord, fulfilling the existence in a self-controlled manner by active manipulation of the desire of the’ Ista’ leads us to the path of Sadhana. Self-analysis and committing own fault for failure is a simple test for one’s practice of meditation. an infinite number of finer co-ordination of microcosmic miracle objects can be observed through meditation and fulfilling the desires of the Lord with wholeheartedness can stretch the Wisdom of a person. By recitation of the Holy Name through all walks of life, we make ourselves self-controlled and self-conscious. Automatically the ego melts away because the absolute devotee has no ego. In order to materialize the advice of the Lord, we have to analyze and co-ordinate the outer and inner factors continuously, thus it is the Sadhana. For the uphill task there is continuous dissipation of energy and to compensate this the conservation of energy is require By such whole system of work there will be a flow of heat(Tapa) and thus it is named as Tapasya’. Ista is the common point of psychic and material concentration. So by keeping equilibrium between the existence-body, mind, and spirit centering and uplifting Ista is called Sadhana. By meaningful adjustment of complexes, the individuality grows and the personality is well established. During sadhana, the favorable and unfavorable situations can be adjusted in Ista and through that experience, we can get knowledge and will be endowed with wisdom. To develop a good personality through sadhana one has to bear the truth entirely and perfectly with one’s whole being. To follow the directions and blessings of Acharyadev wholeheartedly, in timely fulfilling the desires of the Lord is the only way to achieve a good personality. Personality Through Sadhana.

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