Satnam-The Original Vibration Of Creation


To realize the infinity power of bliss is the ultimate aim of humanity. Therefore the purpose of worship is to sprout within the inner self of man. This ritualistic process adopted by our realized sages or Rishis. To achieve the simplest process, our sages, in ancient times needs a finite shape of God in living attributes of all qualities. This cause of worshippers, into the form of deity, in the living term, accepted by our Veda and Shrutis. Thus the need for incarnation or Avatar system starts. This concrete form of the deity is accepted by the realized sages; as emblem or living diagram of Ideal, we called Him The Ista. He is known as the fulfiller of all perfection of the universal living go of life. Satnam-The Original Vibration Of Creation.

This living emblem of the human form is considered by our sages, as the safest path and promising way of successful go of life. Transmission of this godliness source system is called prayer. Internal worship consists of prayer. The machine is our mind. Mind associated with other 4th subtle forms termed in yogic form mana(Mind), Buddhi (intelligence), Chitta (store place of experienced fine particles), Aham (ego). The conglomeration of these four (Mana, Buddhi, Chitta, Aham) is in yogic terminology defined as ‘Antarama’. The inner part of life flows through guiding factors.

To purify the internal existential entity of the human self, worship consists of prayer. Concentrating on whom meditation terminology used. For the application of this process, to strengthen the process of Japa or recitation of uttering ‘Matra,’ the divine vibration is needed.

Japa is nothing but the repetition of a vibration that creates a sound. This sound is called ‘The Word’. This word is a mystic syllables technique called ‘Mantra’. Mantra is the original vibration of universal life flow. It is the embodiment of sound that emerged in terms of ‘Word’ or in Shree Shree Thakur’s terminology, Satmantra or Satnam. This sound is the embodiment of the deity infinite shape, stands as activating force as the emblem of universal representative, fulfiller the best called as Yugapurusottam. The human form is living power or Ista. He is the mirrored personality of the universe. It is the deity itself in human form. This Satmantra or sound is the deity’s embodiment form. Because the cosmic vibration emerged, activate, and sprouts from this finite shape. This deity is the reason orientation living form. He creates, knows, regulates, and channelize this cosmic vibration in the shape of Word. He is Mantramurti or mantratma. Satnam-The Original Vibration Of Creation

In Sarada tilak, it is written that this Mantramurti, Himself creates, regularizes, and possessed this sound vibration. He Himself is the sound embodiment. In Bible, a similar reference we found that “In the beginning there was Word. The Word was with God and The Word was God”. Param Premamaya Shree Shree Thakur’s declaration on the mantra is that “Mantra is the formulated clue for the fulfillment of existence, meditating on which one can reach to God.” So this Satnaam is that Mantra, which contained the vibration of all life flow. Almighty reveals Himself, if one meditated upon this sound vibration according to the process and adaptability, the basic need is our devotional recitation. This un-tottering adherence to the living Ideal, who is the embodiment of living Mantra is in grosser form.

For reference of example, Shree Shree Thakur at that time of His young stage at Kustia a town of British India, Naam Sankirtan was performed in one devotee’s house. It was at the advent of June, the rainy season. One woman devotee’s the only son attacked by fits. Being rejected from the hospital at Kustia she took shelter before the love lord. Shree Thakur at that time was in trance and danced amidst the devotee is kirtan. He came nearer to the ladies with merciful look indicated and directed her to recite the Holy name ‘The Satnaam’. The lady devotee abruptly murmuring The Satnaam, when Shree Shree Thakur came to her vicinity, took a few drops of rainwater which drenched the love lord right leg. Collected and touched the ill child’s mouth. These few drops of cons-created water act as medicine. Few days passed and her child cured fully as narrated by her. Then the devotees collected the sacred water of love lord and consecrated the water and offered the charanamruta with the utterance of Satnaam.

This incident happened at Devotee Lalit Basu’s court ward. That was the kirtan yuga Prevailed at Himaitpur, now in Bangladesh.

Before summing up the efficacy of The Word or Satnaam, Love-lord has given importance to the devotional practice of utterance. Realization grows automatically with the interest of possibilities and effectiveness of due observation of adjustment of existential effulging bloom to whom we called mercy of lord. In lord’s voice:

Thus knowledge grows both analytically and synthetically with its attributes and action wholly and partially. This kind of knowledge is called Veda. Veda means the knowledge to feel and to know with all thoroughness. ‘Veda’ and Bodha means to know and to feel. Shree Thakur, message VIII p29.

 Thus sprinkling consecrated water of Satnam which drenched the love lord’s feet contained the vibration of sound or Satnam. The physical body of Shree Shree Thakur reveals at that time His almighty meditating power; thus the Veda Murthy. Because the root of all sound vibrates on it. The sound of the universe He Himself assigns. So Nada Brahma or sound vibration i.e. the Satnaam is God Himself. Satnam-The Original Vibration Of Creation.

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