Author: Aryabhusan Bhagat Charan Nayak SPR

Name And Its EfficacyName And Its Efficacy

Satnam the word itself is the universal vibration. Being the source of life flow of universal creation in subtle form, our sages worshiped it for the primary basic element of self-realization. Name and its efficacy by the aspirants realizes through this process. In Rig Veda its first utterance in ‘SANTI PATHA’ we found hymns as […]

Satnam-The MantraSatnam-The Mantra

Sat-name, is the mantra, to awaken the divinity of consciousness of universal flow. As ‘Jeeva’, the inner dwelling self is covered with delusion, is not able to realize this inner source. Because delusion in a very subtle form deluding the power of love Lord, Ista, The Yugapurusottam. The Yugapurusottam is the embodied form of blood […]

Satguru the KaulaSatguru the Kaula

The saying of Sree Sree Thakur reveals the inner attainment of self by formal acceptance to him in our life. The satguru, unfold the inner self (Antar Atma) can be achieved by this way under his guidance and practical implication in the character of our life be regulated by Satguru. Sat guru or prophets are coming […]