Concept Of Education

Education in the modern era, we think in a different angle i.e. reading of books, learning from the book and class room teaching on a particular subject, going to educational institutions, passing different examinations. acquiring certificates and utilizing those certificates for jobs. But education means the fullest development of all sides of our nature- thinking, feeling & willing etc. According to Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra

“Education – is to know existence in consonant contrast to environment by doing and discerning”

“Education is to edit The existence and knowledge that nurture our existence with every progressive push”.

Wisdom makes life qualitative and the quality of life is more important than life itself. So Sri Sri Thakur emphatically told that, “Education in its real form is to unfold the characteristic faculties that are latent within by attachment to an ideal embodied and through the glimpses of expressions – those which come forth as impulses from his experiences during periods of exposition – to follow with services, to learn with attention to do in accordance therewith – in a word to take those impulses in with sense – to unfold and adjust”. Concept Of Education

Again He defines education as “Systematic organisation of habits and instincts with purpose of fulfilling the becoming of life by graduated active manipulation of behavior. “Habit and behavior are two qualities which act as pillars of two words be and have Again habit sounds like “have it. the education is to unfold the characters that are latent within. Character is a Conglomeration of many fine qualities of which more physical courage sincerity, honesty in thought and deed, truthfulness, reliability, initiative, common-sense sympathy, consideration and intelligence are important ones. The psychological aspects such as heredity, environment, development process of human beings earning skill and processes, memorizing. sensation and perception, personality intelligence and mental health etc. related to education must be emphasized. Concept Of Education

Modern universities are by products of British rule. Lord Macaulay was the man who designed these universities to produce men of service mentality. The universities of to-day present a very gloomy picture. Students do not consider learning for discovering themselves. They have no ldeal, no reverence for the learned, no self-reliance, self confidence, sense of social responsibility and on the other hand there is no dedicated teacher to guide them. A commercial relationship between the teacher and the taught is extremely detrimental to a healthy society. The ultimate effect is resulted in student indiscipline, violence, disturbance, chaos and academic unrest throughout the country. According to new educational policy the education is job-oriented instead of culture-oriented. Concept Of Education

In the educational system of Sri Sri Thakur, the individual stands at the center as the nucleus. This concentric expansion starts from individual to the collective. The process of education is supposed to start from the very embryonic stage of human existence for which ‘marriage is the virtual starting point. The child owes its existence to the parents and inherits the traits of genetic character from them. The compatible marriage is responsible for reforming the society and to have better- breed of children blessed with superior traits of human qualities. So the procreation, which emanates from a healthy, regardful and transcendenting sexual union of the spouses gives to a better progeny. The parents can normally impart and inculcate in the child, through active behavior and exercise, the spirit of love, adoration and service. The dormant traits of the child can be aroused and activated to their fullest value by the nurture and loving care of the mother. The father provides the seed and the mother provides the nourishment of the soil and thus gives the total shape and dimension to the off springs. The parents must have living ldeal before them, so that the child also imbibes the strong sense and habit of untottering reverential attachment and devotion to the superior. Unconditional acceptance and deep adherence to such an ldeal is the foremost duty of every seeker of knowledge and truth for a balanced physical, mental and spiritual becoming. The first five years of a child builds the foundation of the citadel of character. After the age of twelve he must enunciate himself into the principles of being and becoming through initiation for the purpose for which education stands. All knowledge should Come through practical experience, action, habits and exercises. The primary stage of education should be made compulsory up to the age of 16 years i.e. secondary level. Minimum amount of theoretical information should be imparted to support the practical learning. According to Sri Sri Thakur “This practical education should postulate a main move from an inclination to fulfill the Master Beloved by serving the environment through inquisitive acquisition finding out the necessities of every individual for the acceleration of further becoming with firmness of being.” Concept Of Education

The other distressing aspect is co-education, which is “cognate to debauchery”. This is a sinister more to westernize our culture and equalize the status of boys and girls, those are Constitutionally different. According to Sri Sri Thakur.

“Co-education is the concealed pythonic infection of moral deterioration”

Without being ldeal-centric a teacher may not be treated as a Competent person to mould the aptitudes, outlook and character of students in an ideal way. Sri Sri Thakur points out the role of a teacher. “A teacher should walk in the way of learning in every aspect of his life, should study to impart educative influence, upon every individual with every cultural urge, stamping his own personality, everywhere, so that his footsteps become glaring to his environment, thus he becomes, the loving ideal of education.” Teacher is the crystal nucleus of students.

There are many ways of learning and each of them are equally important. Learning through enjoyment, exercise fear, from devout urge, from foe, from beauty making all-round experience in good time and temper fulfills education in better way. The balanced overall development of education can be achieved by following the holy direction of Acharyadev unconditionally in fulfilling the educational thoughts and philosophy of Sri Sri Thakur, the savior of mankind.


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